Seekuur 1.7

Seekuur 1.7

Today, we are excited to announce our first major release of Seekuur 1.7 with the ability to manage and track job applications, create and subscribe to job alerts, manage clients, website integration, telegram integration and much more!

These are just a few highlights from the 20+ improvements in this release. Read on to check out all of the great updates below.


Key features released in Seekuur 1.7


Submit, Track and Manage Job Applications

User Type:    Job Seekers
Package:       Free - Basic

Until now, Job Seekers were not able to track and manage their job applications. Job Seekers would sometimes wait for weeks, even months before they realize that they got or did not get the job. With Seekuur, Job Seekers can now receive status updates about their job applications and whether they’ve been shortlisted, assessed or require to do an interview. Thus, reducing the stress, anxiety and other concerns when applying for a job.



Since Seekuur 1.6, we’ve been adding automation and Integrations to our platform to make it easier for employers and recruiters to use with their current infrastructure. By doing this, the platform aims to reduce the time and effort to post new job opportunities and onboard new hires while keeping the other platforms you use up-to-date.



Website Integration

User Type:         Companies and Agencies
Plan:                   Basic - Premium

You can now embed your job postings on your website by copying the embed code and place it anywhere on your website.

Follow the instructions below to get your company embed code:

Click on Copy to Clipboard

Afterwards, you can contact your website administrator to add the embed code on your company careers page.


Telegram Integration

User Type:         Agencies
Plan:                   Basic - Premium

Agencies can now post jobs directly to their telegram group or channel by adding @seekuur_bot (telegram bot) to their channel or group.


Manage Clients

User Type:    Agencies
Plan                Premium

In Seekuur 1.7.0, we’ve implemented our client management framework that allows agencies to manage their clients and their clients’ jobs. Now, agencies can post a job on behalf of their clients.


Now recruitment agencies can manage multiple companies to find appropriate candidates for each client's role, and work with candidates to find them a role they want. For more about Seekuur Agency Plan, contact [email protected] or visit our contact page.


Other Improvements in Seekuur 1.7


Simplified Job Posting Process

It’s now easier to post and update jobs on Seekuur. We’ve implemented a process tree to help guide employers focus on posting a Job.


Live Customer Support Chat Integration

Job Seekers and Employers can contact our customer support unit with any questions by using the chat box that is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Security Improvements

Implement email validations against OWASP blacklisted domain names, thus preventing bots to sign up and post a job without verifying their emails and user accounts.


Job Alerts

Job seekers can now create job alerts and receive email notifications for jobs based on their criteria.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the 500 error that occurs whenever job seekers are editing their resumes.
  • Fixed the display for the Job Post on telegram