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We are located in Jamaica, but we have a Global Reach We are on a mission to reduce global unemployment rate while provide high quality jobs and candidates.

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About Seekuur

Welcome to Seekuur, a better way to find and hire professionals. Our platform aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers across the globe to increase job opportunities and reduce the manual power to find and onboard new employees.
Seekuur is a product offered by Osoobe Ltd , a venture studio located in Jamaica that aims to creatie solutions for the hardest societal problems and making the shift of having things that are scalable to being more systemic

Our Mission

We aim to create a frictionless job market that provides convenience and opportunities for local and international job seerkers.

Our Values

We are optimists who love to work together to provide quality and timely services.

Our Vision

Facilitate environments for upskilling and employing jobs seekers while reducing the global unemployment rate to less than 3%.

Our Strength

Our Strength Is Our Community. We can tap into our collective mindshare

What is Seekuur?

Seekuur is for job seekers and employers across the globe. It is an all-in-one talent acquisition, recruitment and onboard platform for companies of all sizes. Seekuur aims to increase job opportunities and reduce the manual power to find and onboard new employees.

Small/Medium Enterprises

Companies that tends to hire and onboard up to ten (10) new employees per quarter.

Large Enterprises

Companies that tends to hire and onboard more than ten (10) new employees per quarter.


Companies that recently registered within the last three (3) years and may not hire often.


Recruitment Agencies that work with companies to find appropriate people for their roles, and work with candidates to find them a role they want.

Why Use Seekuur?

Finding and onboarding new employees with the right skills and knowledge have always been a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Seekuur takes care of complicated tasks so that you can focus on what matters, "finding and onboarding your right fit".

Customized Workflows and Processes

Use and customize talent acquisition and onboarding workflows to achieve your onboarding objectives.

Candidate Screening and Filtering

Use our advanced search mechanism to find the best candidates for your open positions.

Automation and Integrations

Reduce the time and effort to post new job opportunities and onboard new hires through automation while keeping the other platforms you use up-to-date.

Human-centric Design

Our platform was designed with "you" in mind. It's simple, easy to use and engaging while keeping your interest at heart.

How It Works?

We'll always match you up with opportunities that are the right fit.


Create An Account

Create your company profile and start searching for candidates.


Post A Job

Indicate the role, number of positions available and the skills needed, and Seekuur will do the rest.


Recruit Job Seekers

Use a wide range of recruitment tools from candidate screening, filtering, and selection to contact candidates for hire.

Our Professional Team

We are a team of creative thinkers, thought leaders and innovators who love to work together and solve common problems.

Oshane Bailey

CEO | Full Stack Software Engineer

Nicholas Kee

COO | Sales and Success Manager

Latest Updates & News

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